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Michele Shakeshaft

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Michele has worked for Bobbi Brown, MAC and as a Senior Artist with Stila cosmetics. She has done the make-up for numerous weddings in the Baltimore and DC area, as well as being a featured senior artist for national Stila events. She believes that a make-up artist has the ability to not only transform or enhance someone's look, but to build their confidence. She enjoys the adventure and edginess of avant-garde makeup for photo shoots as much as doing soft, pretty makeup for every day wear, weddings or those suffering from illness. "The versatility is challenging and refreshing. I have worked not only with amazing artists, but amazing clients and I have learned so much from each and every one of them."

Michele lives by this, "Cosmetics give you the ability to transform and express yourself every day. Did you wake up feeling a bit rebellious or are you feeling more soft and demure? Be that person for today. You can change it tomorrow, or this afternoon!"

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